Give me Doraemon

Ilustration Picture: Internet*
Ilustration Picture: Internet*

One day in Sunday morning, my nephew watching a cartoon. Its long enough I never watching tv on Sunday morning, for the morning activity I choose sleep or watching movie on laptop. But this morning I feel different, remembered me about my childhood. When I was kid, every Sunday I will sit in front of tv and watching cartoon until the midday.

Since seven o’clock, the show has begin, but for me, the premier was at eight o’clock. The most cartoon I ever like, Doraemon. Yes, until now I still like Doraemon. But of course not like the old time, I never felt something wrong if dont watch that cartoon. Maybe one of the the reason was the voice over has changed.

I like that cartoon because I always thing that I was Nobita, useless, bullying object, not good in academic, bad in sport, always do the mistake, and many all. On my dream in that time (when I was kids) I wish God or some one else in different place or time will send the creature like Doraemon for me.

The robot who had every thing. I wanted to have The Bamboo Propeller and the Door Anywhere. I want to fly and I want to go to any place, the amazing place like top of mount, beautifull garden in Europe, and another amazing place.

That my childhood, foolish and until know I still foolish..


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